What is the Corporate Tax Rate in Texas?

What is the Corporate Tax Rate in Texas? Texas is one of the few states that does not levy a corporate income tax. Instead the state places a 1% franchise tax on most entities with gross receipts over $1 million. This franchise tax is “a tax on the privilege of doing business in Texas.” Some […]

Should I Form My Startup in Texas or Delaware?

Should I Form My Startup in Texas or Delaware? New startups always face the decision of where to incorporate. Often they have heard that Delaware is the ‘best’ place to incorporate for tax or corporate governance reasons. Business owners are not aware of the added duties and responsibilities for business entities operating outside of your […]

Need to Know: Demographics

Need to Know: Demographics This is the first in a series aimed at Texas small businesses titled Need to Know. This series will explore important topics every small business owner should be an expert. Our first topic is crucial to the success of every small business: demographics. Demographics are often only given a passing thought […]

Business Contracts: The Basics

Business Contracts: The Basics Every small business will encounter some, if not many, contracts or agreements during their existence. Small business owners should enter into contracts and agreements with care. It is easy for a busy owner to casually enter into agreements, too often these owners learn the hard way. Every business contract should protect […]