What is Crowdfunding?

What is Crowdfunding?      This year, the SEC promulgated new rules allowing for less sophisticated investors to have an opportunity to invest in companies through crowdfunding. Regulation CF was released late last year and went into effect May 2016. This is an exciting new area of equity and finance that has the opportunity to overturn the[…]

New Crowdfunding Rules for Small Businesses

New Crowdfunding Rules for Small Businesses      The SEC has recently clarified the securities rules regarding crowdfunding making it easier for small businesses to raise capital through a crowdfunding project. This year there is expected to be a gold rush into the crowdfunding space, giving small business owners another path to raising the needed capital to[…]

When Do I Need an Out-of-House Counsel?

When Do I Need Out-Of-House Counsel?      Hiring an out-of-house counsel is a big step in expanding your business and freeing your time as a business owner. Every business has unique growth patterns and some small businesses can work comfortably without retaining an in or out of house attorney. For businesses that are growing to a[…]

When to Franchise Your Business

When to Franchise Your Business      Making the decision to franchise your business is very big and should not be taken lightly. A franchise is a business model that allows an owner to expand and sell the business model to other entrepreneurs, explained in more detail in our article: What is a Franchise. There are four[…]

How to Value Your Business

How to Value Your Business      Valuing a company is one of the inevitable tasks a business owner will make in their life. Whether valuing a company you wish to invest in, or testing your own concept for a startup, or even valuing your company to take on investors, it is an invaluable skill. There are[…]

Do I Need Terms and Conditions for My Website?

Do I Need Terms and Conditions for My Website?          A familiar question from internet and web based startups is whether they truly need a terms and conditions on their website. Will it protect me? Can I use stock T&C’s? If I don’t have one could I lose my personal assets? These[…]

Need to Know: Pricing

Need to Know: Pricing      One of the most important aspects of a successful business is pricing your products or services properly. Correctly pricing your products is part science and part art. There are a variety of methods and strategies to successful pricing. The keys to pricing your product include: targeting your demographic properly, researching the[…]