Doing Business in Texas: Intro (Part 1)

Doing Business in Texas: Intro (Part 1)      This is the first installment of a new series by Reidel Law Firm outlining the basics and highlights of Doing Business in Texas. As an international business hub, it is important for businesses and their owners to be aware of the advantages and benefits of doing business in and[…]

Need to Know: Accounting Software

Need to Know: Accounting Software      Every business owner will deal with basic accounting and accounting software at some point. Whether you are the type to do it all yourself or one who does the basics and hands it off to your accountant, accounting is essential to any business. Business accounting software keeps track of your[…]

What is a Series LLC?

What is a Series LLC?      The series LLC is the newest form for business entities in Texas, being created by the Texas legislature in 2009. The Texas Business Organizations Code authorizes a series LLC to have an unlimited number of segregated ‘cells’ of membership interests, assets, and operations independent of the parent LLC and other[…]

How to Franchise Your Business

How to Franchise Your Business      So you decided to franchise your business? What exactly do you do next? Before you jump into hiring a franchising consultant and franchising attorney you will need to understand the basics of franchising, the costs involved, and plan appropriately. Check out our previous article Here for an overview of what[…]