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Unlock a Stress-Free Business Sale with Our Comprehensive Flat Fee Package

    Navigating the complexities of a business sale or purchase can be daunting. Our comprehensive flat fee package provides you with the expertise and support needed to ensure a smooth and successful transaction, from drafting agreements to due diligence. Embrace peace of mind knowing your business is in the hands of seasoned legal experts. Our flat fee package covers all essential services, offering a seamless experience without the worry of unexpected legal fees.

Navigate Your Business Sale with Confidence and Clarity

    Our goal is to make your business sale or purchase as smooth as possible. Every business sale is unique with common elements, and our approach remains consistent: provide comprehensive, expert legal support at a predictable cost. Our team specializes in Texas business law, ensuring your transaction adheres to all state regulations and best practices. We align our approach with the specific needs and objectives of our clients, meticulously reviewing and drafting documents to facilitate your business sale or purchase. Having facilitated numerous business sales and purchases across various sectors, we are adept at identifying critical elements that contribute to a successful deal.

Simplify Your Business Sale or Purchase

   For sellers, the paramount concerns include securing your payment and disengaging completely post-sale, free from future legal entanglements or liabilities. This requires strategic planning, drafting precise purchase agreements, and, when necessary, promissory notes. It’s essential to meticulously evaluate potential challenges and safeguard mechanisms.

    For buyers, the landscape is fraught with risks that demand thorough due diligence. It’s crucial to accurately assess and account for all assets and liabilities, confirming the unencumbered transfer of assets and shielding yourself from undesired liabilities. Transitioning into the business is more than a mere change of hands; it involves renegotiating leases, vendor agreements, and ensuring the seamless transfer or termination of critical contracts. Our comprehensive flat fee package is designed to address these challenges head-on, providing expert legal guidance to navigate the intricacies of buying or selling a business, ensuring a successful and stress-free transaction.

Experience a Seamless Business Sale or Purchase Process

     To ensure that you make the most informed decision in acquiring or selling your business, all you have to do is submit your information below and our team will take care of the rest.

Our Flat Fee Business Sales Package

Our Business Sales Package Includes:
$ 2,499
  • Review/Drafting of Purchase Agreement
  • Entity Formation
  • Negotiating Term Sheets or MOUs (Memorandums of Understanding)
  • General Counsel and Legal Advice
  • Preparing and Responding to Due Diligence Request Lists
  • Negotiating and Preparing the Purchase Agreement, Merger Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, or Other Relevant Principal Deal Document
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