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Franchising is an exciting, dynamic way to grow your successful business model. While there can be great rewards for franchising, there are also many pitfalls for the unprepared. There is a myriad federal and state regulations one must comply before even offering a business model franchise. With our experienced franchise law professionals you can be sure to have a compliant and effective strategy to franchise your business model.

As a franchisee it is also important to have an experienced franchise law professional guide you through the process of joining a franchise system. Franchise agreements and documents often run several hundreds of pages and can be daunting for even a veteran business owner. We can help walk you through the most important terms and conditions and also caution about anything that may put your business or personal wealth at risk.

Our franchise law division can help you:

  • Franchise Your Business
  • Review FDD/FA
  • Review Personal Guaranty and Real Estate Control Docs
  • Franchisee Formation, Guidance, and Asset Protection
  • Franchise System Compliance Audit and Training
  • Franchise Planning

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Franchisor Services:

We meticulously craft comprehensive franchise agreements and disclosure documents. By ensuring legal precision and clarity, we position your franchise for success right from the outset.

Our personalized attention during negotiations safeguards your interests. By representing you in talks with potential franchisees, we ensure that the terms and conditions align with your strategic vision.

Venturing into new markets? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s expanding domestically or breaking international barriers, our legal expertise paves the way for seamless franchise growth.

The world of franchise laws can be complex and ever-changing. We keep you updated and compliant, making sure you’re always a step ahead in legal adherence and best practices.

Your brand’s uniqueness is its competitive edge. We offer vigilant protection for your intellectual property rights, from trademarks to proprietary methods.

Disputes can strain business relationships. Our mediation services aim to reconcile differences between franchisors and franchisees, fostering a harmonious business environment.

Keeping track of annual FDD renewals and state registrations can be daunting. Let us manage these, ensuring timely submissions and compliance.

Franchisee Services:

We dive deep into franchise agreements, ensuring they are transparent, fair, and advantageous. Our analysis helps franchisees make informed decisions.

We advocate for you, ensuring that the terms and conditions are not just standard but are tailored to your specific needs, leading to successful collaborations with franchisors.

In the event of misunderstandings or disputes with franchisors, we stand by your side, representing your interests and working towards equitable resolutions.

We demystify the complex world of franchisee rights and responsibilities, ensuring you operate confidently and effectively within the legal framework.

Should the time come to transition out or make significant changes, we provide expert counsel on exit strategies, ensuring a smooth and beneficial process.

Why Reidel Law Firm?

At Reidel Law Firm, we value human touch. Our clients communicate directly with experts, ensuring timely, clear, and efficient counsel. Say goodbye to robotic menus and layers of intermediaries.

With our flat-fee structure, you never have to worry about unexpected bills. We believe in transparent pricing that’s based on the scope and complexity of your project, ensuring value at every step.

We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises. Our realistic timelines ensure that we not only meet but often exceed expectations, solidifying our reputation as a dependable legal partner.

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Gabriel Parton
Gabriel Parton
1. October, 2023
Schuyler “Rocky” Reidel helped me through the process of acquiring my franchise. He was very thorough with his review of the franchise disclosure documents, and gave me a very informative breakdown of what it entailed. Schuyler is a very knowledgeable franchise attorney, and gave me a secure peace of mind moving forward with acquisition of my franchise. If you’re in need of a reputable attorney for your business needs, look no further than the Reidel Law Firm. You are in good hands!
Joe Arico
Joe Arico
24. August, 2023
I was introduced to Rocky through a business associate. In every aspect Rocky met and in many instance exceeded my expectations!! He was thorough, candid, shared ideas and strategy, had a sense of urgency, honest and his communication is excellent. I continue to use Rocky for ongoing needs and I highly recommend him!!
Jason Gscheidmeier
Jason Gscheidmeier
3. August, 2023
"Rocky" and Reidel Law is an excellent resource to review, analyze, and advise franchise agreements. He responds quickly, communicates well, and has the knowledge and competance to boil down large legal documents in a summary that is easy to understand. The summary clearly communicates the risks and requirements, and helps you understand and prioritize what modifications are possible. I'd strongly recommend his services.
Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain
26. July, 2023
Had a wonderful experience working with Schuyler 'Rocky' Reidel at Reidel Law Firm. I worked with him on reviewing the Franchisee agreement that I was interested in and he was really quick to get in touch and collect all the details from me. He completed the review quickly and it was very detailed and comprehensive. He also met and answered all the questions I had to my satisfaction. I am really pleased with his services and would recommend him.
Sherlock 789
Sherlock 789
30. May, 2020
Mr. Reidel is an honest and professional attorney. Although my case was outside of his area of expertise, he gave me recomendations for other attorneys that could help me. He was very freindly and gave me some advice for finding an attorney. I am a little disapointed that he couldnt represent me but I highly recomend him to others.
M. Joukov
M. Joukov
29. March, 2020
My business partner and I used the Reidel Law Firm to help us begin franchising our business concept. Anyone familiar with franchising knows that it is a complex process that can take months, if not years to complete successfully.  Mr. Schyler "Rocky" Reidel was absolutely instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of becoming franchise ready in about 12 weeks. His attention to detail, professionalism, responsiveness, and customer service were unparalleled. Mr. Reidel handled all manners of requests, including business formation, writing the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement, filing trademark applications, doing due diligence with various state requirements, and beyond. When working with Mr. Reidel, it is immediately apparent that he is not only a skilled legal professional, but is also well versed in business operations-- an ideal combination for business owner clients.  We approached him with a novel, out-of-the-box concept, and Mr. Reidel's insightful comments and questions on our business operations and efficiencies made it clear that he takes a multi-faceted approach to his work. Mr. Reidel encouraged us to consider issues that would not only impact our current situation, but also serve us well as our brand grows. Beyond providing legal counsel, Mr. Reidel went above and beyond in making sure our experience as clients was top notch. He flew out to visit our facility in person, made himself available in the off-hours, quickly responded to inquiries, and even introduced us to connections from his personal network who would be able to assist us.  Mr. Reidel is friendly, personable, and easy to do business with.  Administrative transactions with the firm were transparent, efficient and hassle-free, especially considering that we were out of state clients. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience and highly recommend using the Reidel Law Firm for your legal needs.
Chris G
Chris G
10. January, 2019
Nothing but five+ for Reidel (Rocky), very professional, corteous and conciuos of our situation. Thanks so much Rocky for helping me out
Lou Nguyen
Lou Nguyen
8. January, 2019
We contacted Mr. Reidel to assist with a residential real estate acquisition. The project took much longer than expected but Schuyler was with us every step of the way. He provided sound legal advice, was very responsive to our needs and more importantly, considered our preferences in the decision making process. We felt that Schuyler always had our best interest in mind. Compared to other attorneys and firms we have used in the past, Schuyler Reidel would get two thumbs up from us and we would definitely consider asking for his help again in the future.

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