July 6, 2016

Franchise Law


Franchise Law

Franchising is an exciting, dynamic way to grow your successful business model. While there can be great rewards for franchising, there are also many pitfalls for the unprepared. There is a myriad federal and state regulations one must comply before even offering a business model franchise. With our experienced franchise law professionals you can be sure to have a compliant and effective strategy to franchise your business model.

As a franchisee it is also important to have an experienced franchise law professional guide you through the process of joining a franchise system. Franchise agreements and documents often run several hundreds of pages and can be daunting for even a veteran business owner. We can help walk you through the most important terms and conditions and also caution about anything that may put your business or personal wealth at risk.

Our franchise law division can help you:

  • Franchise Your Business
  • Review FDD/FA
  • Review Personal Guaranty and Real Estate Control Docs
  • Franchisee Formation, Guidance, and Asset Protection
  • Franchise System Compliance Audit and Training
  • Franchise Planning

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