August 25, 2022

Franchise Disclosure Document Review

     Franchise agreements are long, dense documents that can easily become confusing to the untrained reader. Reviewing FDDs thoroughly with an expert is always recommended, especially given how significant your investment may be.

     Our legal expertise will help you make sense of your contact and be well knowledgeable about becoming a franchisee. We have reviewed many franchise agreements across a number of industries and know exactly what to look for.

     Our standard FDD Review Package is fast, thorough, and simple. Submit your FDD below to get started.

Our Flat Fee FDD Review Package

Our FDD Review Package Includes:
$ 1,150
  • A thorough review of your FDD/FA​
  • An 8-10 Summary Review Letter with our comments and opinion
  • Conference Calls/Emails with your franchise attorney to address your questions and concerns
  • Coaching through modification requests to the franchisor (as needed)
  • Review of Modifications (as needed)