What is the Lacey Act?

Reidellawfirm.com | What is the Lacey Act?

Nature is awe-inspiring. Which is why protecting it is so vital. In 1900, President William McKinley signed a law against wildlife trafficking. According to the Lacey Act, certain plants, fish, and wildlife are illegal to be possessed, transported, or sold for trade. In the following sections, we’ll discuss its relevance today. And how to comply […]

How Much Do Franchise Owners Make?

Reidellawfirm.com | How Much Do Franchise Owners Make?

In 2016, Michael Keaton portrayed Ray Croc in a movie titled, “The Founder.” McDonald’s is a household name. And the inspiration fueling many franchise owners. After all, who doesn’t want to obtain that level of success? But starting off, the ideal first step is to be realistic. Learn how much franchise owners make. Then start […]