| Car and Automotive Franchises - What to Know?

Car and Automotive Franchises – What to Know?

Before investing in or starting automotive franchises, education is key. It’s also important to understand the local market and competition.  And potential legal issues related to opening this franchise. Our goal is to address your potential questions and provide simple answers. What Are Car and Automotive Franchises and How Do They Work? Franchise opportunities abound[…] | What is BIS?

What is BIS?

“Our goal is to obtain advanced computing semiconductor chips.  We would very much like to use this technology for military applications,” relayed the foreign visitor. “One second please Mr. Visitor,” answered the U.S. business owner. Stepping off to the side, the now confused entrepreneur whispered to his business partner.  “Something seems off.” Okay, it’s usually[…] | What Is the Role of a Franchisee?

What Is the Role of a Franchisee?

What Is the Role of a Franchisee? The learning curve for a franchisee is much lower than a startup founder.   Benefits abound.  Just look at any McDonald’s franchise for confirmation of this fact. But before you put an initial down payment on a particular business model, review this convenient roadmap.  It will help guide you[…] | What Are Carnets and How Are They Used?

What Are Carnets and How Are They Used?

Originally walking slowly towards the customs authority, Ray suddenly quickened his pace. The reason behind his change of gait was a welcome thought.  “That’s right, I don’t have to pay duty fees!” Acting almost like a “merchandise passport,” ATA carnets aren’t necessarily mainstream knowledge.   We aim to change that in the following article.  By the[…] | How to Read Your Franchise Disclosure Document

How to Read Your Franchise Disclosure Document

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak legalese.  Only English,” stated the perplexed entrepreneur. Prospective franchisees can sometimes be intimidated by a certain legal document.  The  “terrifying” uniform franchise disclosure document. But before entering into any business relationship using your John Hancock, there’s a diligence process to follow. We’ll outline this method here.  Let’s start you down[…] | Trade Embargoes and Sanctions

Trade Embargoes and Sanctions

OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) heads the United States sanctions compliance program. As a part of the U.S. Treasury Department, they take a risk based approach in the search for red flags raised by an industry or nation. Besides their Specially Designated Nationals (SDN list) and Blocked Persons list, OFAC sanctions affect various entities.[…] | Country of Origin Labels

Country of Origin Labels

What Are Country of Origin Labels and What Do They Mean for Consumers? These are labels that indicate the country where a product was made. They are intended to help consumers make informed choices about the goods they purchase. There are several different types of country of origin labeling systems, but the most common is[…]