Why Sanctions Screening Helps Exporters Prosper

Reidellawfirm.com | Why Sanctions Screening Helps Exporters Prosper

Terrorist financing isn’t always obvious. You might unknowingly do business with its supporters through oversight. Selecting customers that are threats to national security or human rights abusers. I have news for you.  This doesn’t need to be the case. My purpose here is to help you avoid regulatory bodies that could disrupt business.  Continue if […]

What is Sanction Screening Process?

Reidellawfirm.com | What is Sanction Screening Process?

Financial crimes are multiplying as the business landscape trends towards the digital realm. Another vulnerability is our move away from fiat currency. Sanctions breaches, whether intentional or otherwise, are exposing owners to higher risk.  That’s the bad news. But the good news is that you can prevent this event. Reviewing global sanctions lists is one […]

Importing Food Products into the United States

Reidellawfirm.com | Importing Food Products into the United States

“Sir, put down the orange and step away from the vehicle!” commanded the official. In real life, don’t expect this exact scenario to play out.  But humor aside, you must still follow a process to import food products. For experienced importers, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements aren’t anything new.  We’ll help you meet them […]

What to Know Before Buying a Franchise

Reidellawfirm.com | What to Know Before Buying a Franchise

Franchise ownership utilizes an established brand to build a track record. One that involves more than gross sales or company culture. Instead placing an emphasis on the legacy you’ll leave behind. For kids or grandkids to carry on your successful franchise. But’s let deal with the present for now. Continue reading and learn how to […]

Customs Clearance

Reidellawfirm.com | Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is your top focus once a shipment has departed from a particular country. Your professional reputation and bottom line are depending on you. But rather than be a source of stress, it should be an exciting time. Because the overall importing process is nearing its final stage. Take a second to pre-celebrate now […]

Food Franchises – What to Know

Reidellawfirm.com | Food Franchises - What to Know

The statistics on hunger are quite telling. For example, 1 out of every 1 person must eat each day. Okay, that number isn’t too surprising. But it does illustrate the lucrative nature of the food franchise industry. Despite its potential, you can still benefit from a guide for selecting the best fit.  You’re in the […]

Importing Medical Devices to the US: A Primer

Reidellawfirm.com | Importing Medical Devices to the US: A Primer

As the medical device industry continues to grow globally, more companies are looking to import their products here. The U.S. market is one of the largest in the world, with a high demand for advanced technology. However, importing these products can be a complex process that requires careful planning. And obedience to strict regulations. In […]

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