| How to Read Your Franchise Disclosure Document

How to Read Your Franchise Disclosure Document

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak legalese.  Only English,” stated the perplexed entrepreneur. Prospective franchisees can sometimes be intimidated by a certain legal document.  The  “terrifying” uniform franchise disclosure document. But before entering into any business relationship using your John Hancock, there’s a diligence process to follow. We’ll outline this method here.  Let’s start you down[…] | Tips Your Franchisor Forgot To Mention

Tips Your Franchisor Forgot To Mention

Excitement runs high when operating your very first franchise.   But as time goes on, hiccups may dim the light you initially felt.  This is normal and shouldn’t lead to frustration. Knowing some hidden tidbits your franchisor may have missed during early talks can help. By the end of your reading expect your light to once[…] | Franchise Agreement Terms To Pay Attention To: Part 1

Franchise Agreement Terms To Pay Attention To: Part 1

Benefits abound when taking on established branding, processes, marketing, and other business activities from a franchise.   It gives franchisees like yourself a solid foundation and allows you to then use your unique leadership style to grow the business.   There’s just one thing.   Before hiring an attorney to help you solidify an agreement, there’s some terms[…]

Key Terms in a Commercial Lease

No matter what type of business you operate, if you need space for your offices, warehouse, retail store, or restaurant, your company will probably need to sign a commercial lease. Although you should always ask a qualified business attorney to review any lease agreement before you sign it, it is nonetheless important to understand the[…]

Exiting a Franchise Agreement

In most circumstances, a successful franchise relationship provides both parties with significant benefits. The franchisor grows their brand while the franchisee receives a positive return on their investment. In some circumstances, however, a franchise relationship does not work out. Such failure may arise through no fault of the parties, for example if the franchisee wishes[…]

Franchise Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy is not a pleasant topic to discuss, it is prudent to at least understand the process, implications, and ultimately the benefits of utilizing a business or personal bankruptcy for distressed businesses. Franchisees facing extreme economic hardship should take careful note of the benefits and costs to a business bankruptcy and understand the terminology,[…]