September 2, 2022

FDD Review Terms and Conditions

By submitting the Reidel Law Firm standard FDD Review Package Form and explicitly choosing to retain Reidel Law Firm in reviewing your FDD, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Review
  • Draft
    Summary Review Letter
  • Conference Calls/Emails to Address Questions and Concerns
  • Coaching
    Through Modification Requests
  • Review
    of Modifications (as needed)

the sum of $1,150 as a flat fee for the services rendered and to be rendered by said Reidel Law Firm. We will invoice you upon completion of the Summary Review Letter, please pay this invoice within 3 business days. You may pay by credit/debit card, Paypal, or by bank transfer through the invoice. If you need to arrange alternative payments, feel free to reach out and we can assist you in those arrangements.

  • you give Reidel Law Firm the right to take all legal steps to represent your interests in the FDD Review project;
  • the basis of computing Reidel Law Firm compensation has been fully explained to you and that Reidel Law Firm’s compensation is based upon, among other factors, the time and labor involved, novelty or difficulty of questions presented, the results obtained, time limitations imposed by this representation, the reputation, experience and ability of Reidel Law Firm in performing this type of service;
  • Reidel Law Firm has made no promises to you as to the outcome of the project except that Reidel Law firm has promised to render their best professional skill; and
  • the flat fee agreed upon does NOT include additional services if such services should become necessary.