Protecting Your IP as a Franchisor

Protecting Your IP as a Franchisor As you build your franchise system and brand, protecting your intellectual property from imitators, rogue franchisees, and even inadvertent infringement is imperative to a successful and growing franchise. The trademarks and brand are an essential element to what makes a franchise system attractive to potential franchisees and even your […]

Doing Business in Texas: Intellectual Property

Doing Business in Texas: Intellectual Property Intellectual property is an integral part of many businesses and certainly for startups and franchisors in Texas. Texas developed great protections for businesses and their intellectual property. These protections include trademark and service mark registration, unfair competition laws, among other protective laws such as prosecution for trade secret violations. […]

Need to Know: Branding

Need to Know: Branding The next in our Need to Know series is about branding. A strong brand is an invaluable asset to any business. As the global market expands and becomes more competitive, branding will play a critical role in future businesses. The American Marketing Association defines branding as the “name, term, sign, symbol […]