Contracts – What Are They Good For?

Contracts, the bedrock for business since the dawn of civilization but what are they good for? Something we generally take for granted in our modern business environment, contracts are ubiquitous in every business relationship in nearly every country in the world. Even with contracts I am sure many of our readers have experienced failed business[…]

Deals from Hell – What to Do

Deals from Hell – What to Do       In my practice I have rarely had a deal go completely sideways to a nightmare. But they do happen, and when they happen it can mean some sleepless nights and restless days. Taking the following steps can help you survive your business deal gone bad. Get Everything[…]

What is a Liquidated Damages Clause?

What is a Liquidated Damages Clause?      When reviewing or drafting contracts the little known liquidated damages clause comes up often in negotiations and internal discussions. Many times even experienced business persons are not completely familiar with the purpose and function of a proper liquidated damages clause. To better understand what a liquidated damages clause function[…]

Business Contracts: The Basics

Business Contracts: The Basics        Every small business will encounter some, if not many, contracts or agreements during their existence. Small business owners should enter into contracts and agreements with care. It is easy for a busy owner to casually enter into agreements, too often these owners learn the hard way. Every business[…]