Подводные камни санкций США для российского бизнеса

Бизнес в сфере международной торговли всегда находится под влиянием геополитики, а в условиях текущих натянутых отношений между Россией и Соединенными Штатами Америки, американское правительство уделяет более пристальное внимание российским предприятиям, занимающимся импортом и экспортом товаров и технологий. Соответственно, компании, расположенные в России, или компании, тесно связанные с российским бизнесом, должны обеспечить постоянное соблюдение законодательства США[…]

Key Terms in a Commercial Lease

No matter what type of business you operate, if you need space for your offices, warehouse, retail store, or restaurant, your company will probably need to sign a commercial lease. Although you should always ask a qualified business attorney to review any lease agreement before you sign it, it is nonetheless important to understand the[…]

WeChat Banned! What This Means for Users

On August 6 and 7, US President, Donald Trump announced an Executive Order banning transacting with the Chinese owned apps, WeChat and TikTok. The announcement comes after several similar edicts requiring federal workers remove such apps from any devices used at work or on US government networks. As a frequent user of WeChat myself for[…]

When the Franchise Relationship Breaks Down

Managing franchise relationships is a key indication of how successful a franchise system will be. Every franchise system is only as strong as its weakest franchise franchisee and that relationship is paramount to succeeding as a franchisor. While being proactive as a franchisor can quell any potential franchise relationship issues early on, what are the[…]

Contracts – What Are They Good For?

Contracts, the bedrock for business since the dawn of civilization but what are they good for? Something we generally take for granted in our modern business environment, contracts are ubiquitous in every business relationship in nearly every country in the world. Even with contracts I am sure many of our readers have experienced failed business[…]

Your First Overseas Acquisition

Despite the ongoing trade disputes around the globe, businesses have increasingly been seeking opportunities overseas. Even for the small business owner, overseas acquisitions can be an exciting and lucrative way to expand your business and opportunities. For those considering an opportunity overseas, the following can serve as a short roadmap for how to prepare. Why[…]

How to Sell Your Business

How to Sell Your Business      Every business owner should have an eventual exit strategy for their business. Often this exit strategy involves selling the business or its assets when the owner decides to retire or move on. While selling a business can be straightforward and simple, there are several steps every business owner seeking to[…]