Why Sanctions Screening Helps Exporters Prosper

Reidellawfirm.com | Why Sanctions Screening Helps Exporters Prosper

Terrorist financing isn’t always obvious. You might unknowingly do business with its supporters through oversight. Selecting customers that are threats to national security or human rights abusers. I have news for you.  This doesn’t need to be the case. My purpose here is to help you avoid regulatory bodies that could disrupt business.  Continue if […]

What is Sanction Screening Process?

Reidellawfirm.com | What is Sanction Screening Process?

Financial crimes are multiplying as the business landscape trends towards the digital realm. Another vulnerability is our move away from fiat currency. Sanctions breaches, whether intentional or otherwise, are exposing owners to higher risk.  That’s the bad news. But the good news is that you can prevent this event. Reviewing global sanctions lists is one […]

Export Restrictions to China: A Primer

Reidellawfirm.com | Export Restrictions to China: A Primer

Entrepreneurs have always desired to open up new international markets.  But trading with nations under sanctions adds red tape. In 2020, we shipped $124.5 billion worth of goods to China.  This was a 17% increase from the previous year. Since then, our business dealings with the nation have only grown. By the end of this […]

When to Get an Export License

Reidellawfirm.com | When to Get an Export License

Trading outside of the United States is exciting.   It opens you up to new markets.  But it also presents unknowns. And plenty of questions. “What are some typical criteria for obtaining an export license?” Naturally, you want to resolve doubts about how regulations might affect your business. That’s why we’ll attempt to answer your most […]

Can I Import from or Export to Cuba?

Reidellawfirm.com | Can I Import from or Export to Cuba?

Nobody wants a visit from law enforcement for an avoidable offense. As an importer or exporter dealing in foreign trade, it’s good to stay up on Cuba sanctions.  That way your business can access this market. The United States maintains limited engagement with the Cuban government. But there are exceptions to restrictive foreign affairs.  And […]

How Has Nearshoring Impacted the U.S. Economy?

Reidellawfirm.com | How Has Nearshoring Impacted the U.S. Economy?

How Has Nearshoring Impacted the U.S. Economy? In recent years, reliance on global supply chains has led to increased risks. Not only for U.S. companies but our economy as a whole. Nearshore outsourcing is the suggested solution from the White House. But with that comes the debate about how realistic an option it is. Which […]

What is BIS?

Reidellawfirm.com | What is BIS?

“Our goal is to obtain advanced computing semiconductor chips. We would very much like to use this technology for military applications,” relayed the foreign visitor. “One second please Mr. Visitor,” answered the U.S. business owner. Stepping off to the side, the now confused entrepreneur whispered to his business partner. “Something seems off.” Okay, it’s usually […]

What Are Carnets and How Are They Used?

Reidellawfirm.com | What Are Carnets and How Are They Used?

Originally walking slowly towards the customs authority, Ray suddenly quickened his pace. The reason behind his change of gait was a welcome thought.  “That’s right, I don’t have to pay duty fees!” Acting almost like a “merchandise passport,” ATA carnets aren’t necessarily mainstream knowledge.   We aim to change that in the following article.  By the […]

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