What are Red Flagged Countries?

Reidellawfirm.com | What are Red Flagged Countries?

The term is not a definite legal one but often comes up in discussions about export regulations and sanctions. Since it’s often used, it’s helpful to describe the important aspects surrounding these countries and civil penalties. Sanctions are typically imposed in response to the actions of the target country, which are deemed to be a […]

Examples of Aviation Deemed Exports

Reidellawfirm.com | Examples of Aviation Deemed Exports

Time is a precious commodity for any business owner, and in your case there’s never enough of it. So when the head of manufacturing asks for your okay to provide a tour to a possible investor from across the ocean, you consent without hesitation. But as he walks out the door a thought rises to […]

How To Meet Rules of the Sky for Aircraft Exports

Reidellawfirm.com | How To Meet Rules of the Sky for Aircraft Exports

Sanctions have a secondary effect on those doing business with the country in question. If Russia is one place you operate, you’ve likely noticed this in your dealing with civil aircraft sales. The United States is one of the largest exporters of aircrafts, distantly followed by France. Although larger players like Boeing will still take […]

What To Do When Export Detentions Negatively Affect Your Wallet

Reidellawfirm.com | What To Do When Export Detentions Negatively Affect Your Wallet

Scratching his head, Leon scanned the official looking document before him. One bolded word stood out. Detention. Can you relate? Free time has come and gone. Now you’re the recipient of export detentions which are costing you precious time and money. Understanding your dilemma, we want to offer you a way to earn a resolution. […]

Simple Steps To Follow When CBP Seizures Occur

Reidelllawfirm.com | Simple Steps To Follow When CBP Seizures Occur

Your marketing and sales departments are ready to promote the imports you’re expecting.   There’s only one problem, the shipment never showed up at your warehouse! After it arrived, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained the items and held them at a Centralized Examination Station.  A short phone call from their office 30 days later […]

Deemed Exports and US Trade Law

In recent years, reliance on global supply chains has led to increased risks. Not only for U.S. companies but our economy as a whole. Nearshore outsourcing is the suggested solution from the White House. But with that comes the debate about how realistic an option it is. Which is why you’re here. Because you desire […]

Подводные камни санкций США для российского бизнеса

Бизнес в сфере международной торговли всегда находится под влиянием геополитики, а в условиях текущих натянутых отношений между Россией и Соединенными Штатами Америки, американское правительство уделяет более пристальное внимание российским предприятиям, занимающимся импортом и экспортом товаров и технологий. Соответственно, компании, расположенные в России, или компании, тесно связанные с российским бизнесом, должны обеспечить постоянное соблюдение законодательства США […]