Key Terms in a Commercial Lease

No matter what type of business you operate, if you need space for your offices, warehouse, retail store, or restaurant, your company will probably need to sign a commercial lease. Although you should always ask a qualified business attorney to review any lease agreement before you sign it, it is nonetheless important to understand the […]

How to Get a Liquor License in Texas

How to Get a Liquor License in Texas Serving alcohol at your restaurant can add much needed revenue and margin for your business. In Texas, there is a myriad of local (county and municipal) and state laws that are applicable to any business seeking to serve alcohol to patrons. To obtain a license to serve […]

What is Crowdfunding?

What is Crowdfunding? This year, the SEC promulgated new rules allowing for less sophisticated investors to have an opportunity to invest in companies through crowdfunding. Regulation CF was released late last year and went into effect May 2016. This is an exciting new area of equity and finance that has the opportunity to overturn the […]

What To Do After You Form Your Business Entity?

What To Do After You Form Your Business Entity? After forming your LLC or incorporating, many owners forget there are still steps to take to ensure that your business operates efficiently and legally. There are some important distinctions between merely forming an entity and operating that entity. Here is a short checklist for what to […]

Doing Business in Texas: Labor Laws

Doing Business in Texas: Labor Laws In this installment of our Doing Business in Texas Series we will discuss the various labor laws that affect Texas businesses. Texas labor laws strike a good balance between protecting contract freedom and the rights of employees. Many states have complex and often onerous employment regulations, Texas takes a […]

New Crowdfunding Rules for Small Businesses

New Crowdfunding Rules for Small Businesses The SEC has recently clarified the securities rules regarding crowdfunding making it easier for small businesses to raise capital through a crowdfunding project. This year there is expected to be a gold rush into the crowdfunding space, giving small business owners another path to raising the needed capital to […]

Website Terms and Conditions – Liability Traps

Website Terms and Conditions – Liability Traps Terms and conditions are an integral part of every website. Website terms and conditions are used to limit liability and reduce exposure to a lawsuit. A well drafted terms and conditions helps set the rules for how a dispute is resolved with users. Often businesses will use boilerplate […]

Doing Business in Texas: Business Liability

Doing Business in Texas: Business Liability Perhaps the top consideration for any business owner is the type of liability they may face for operating a business. There are contractual liabilities and tort liabilities. Contractual liabilities are those that arise out of a contract. Tort liability occurs as when a wrong is committed against another, it […]

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