Can a franchisor legally require franchisees to purchase from specific suppliers?

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Yes, “can a franchisor legally require franchisees to purchase from specific suppliers?” is a common question in the franchise industry. This practice ensures quality and consistency across the brand. However, it must comply with federal and state laws, including franchise and antitrust regulations. This article examines the legal basis for these supplier mandates, their benefits […]

Stay Fresh or Fall Behind: Analyzing the Franchise Agreement changes in the Fast-Food industry

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Changes in franchise agreements are reshaping the fast food industry. Driven by evolving consumer preferences, franchisees must understand these updates to stay competitive. This article breaks down the key changes, including financial commitments, support, and legal frameworks, under the theme of “stay fresh or fall behind: analyzing the franchise agreement changes in the fast food […]

Franchise Broker Performance Metrics Checklist: A list to measure the effectiveness and success of the franchise broker’s activities

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In the competitive field of franchise brokerage, precise performance metrics are pivotal to success. Explore our performance metrics checklist to measure and refine your strategy, improving your influence in the market. Anticipate an overview of the industry-specific metrics, from spotting trends in lead conversion to realizing gains in customer satisfaction and financial performance, all aimed […]

What is the Difference between a License and a Franchise?

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Are you weighing the options between obtaining a license and starting a franchise? Directly speaking, “what is the difference between a license and a franchise?” A license allows you to use someone’s intellectual property, providing a degree of independence, while a franchise offers you an established business model and brand, with more defined operational guidelines […]

Letters of Intent in Franchising: What are They and How Are They Used?

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Are you a prospective franchisee looking to navigate the critical first step of franchise negotiations? Letters of intent in franchising are not just formalities; they mark your initial plunge into a franchise deal, specifying your intentions and the terms under which you’re willing to proceed. This article zeroes in on the essential functions and components […]

Fiction’s Finest Franchises: From Magic to Mystery Meat

Let’s embark on a whimsical expedition through the uncharted territories of fiction’s most beloved and bizarre concepts. Where the realms of imagination serve up a menu of opportunities and challenges that are as flavorful as they are fanciful, I have compiled a list of my favorite fictional concepts that would be great as a franchise. […]