Fiction’s Finest Franchises: From Magic to Mystery Meat

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Schuyler "Rocky" Reidel

Schuyler is the founder and managing attorney for Reidel Law Firm.

Let’s embark on a whimsical expedition through the uncharted territories of fiction’s most beloved and bizarre concepts. Where the realms of imagination serve up a menu of opportunities and challenges that are as flavorful as they are fanciful, I have compiled a list of my favorite fictional concepts that would be great as a franchise. From the magical corners of Diagon Alley, serving up scoops of enchanting flavors, to the cosmic confines of interstellar diners at the end of the universe, this exploration is seasoned with a dash of humor and a generous portion of curiosity.

Picture transforming the iconic, albeit sometimes controversial, fictional brands like the Krusty Krab and Soylent Corporation into tangible franchises. For those of us in the franchise industry, it’s a playful exploration of what could be, if we dared to dip our toes into the fantasy lands we’ve only ever visited in stories. Join me as we navigate the legal quagmires, marketing marvels, and operational oddities of bringing these fantastical food joints and corporate behemoths from page and screen into our very real franchise fold. This isn’t just another franchise article; it’s an invitation to dream, chuckle, and perhaps even draw a pinch of inspiration from the outlandish ideas that could only come from the boundless worlds of fiction.

The Leaky Cauldron & Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour: Magical Compliance and a Spoonful of Charm

Translating the charm of The Leaky Cauldron and the whimsical flavors of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour into the muggle world would require not just a magical touch but a treaty between the magical and non-magical worlds. Imagine health inspectors trying to make sense of a cauldron that cooks by itself or the FDA’s confusion over ice cream that sings for your attention. As a muggle, how do I choose my favorite flavor? Do I get a sample taste? The market potential is huge for those seeking a taste of magic in their dining experience, provided they don’t accidentally turn into a toad with the wrong order.

Soylent Corporation: Ethical Eating or Eerie Edibles?

In a world obsessed with diet trends, the Soylent Corporation would certainly find its niche. Yet, franchising a company with a… let’s say, a unique approach to solving world hunger, might raise a few eyebrows (and ethical questions). One must ponder the sustainability of sourcing ingredients, especially when those ingredients might just have a name and a social security number. Some are ready for eating bugs (not me!) maybe soylent green is next? It’s a concept that might be too biting for some modern palettes.

Milliways: Dining at the Edge of Forever

Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, offers a unique franchising opportunity, if you can handle the logistics of time travel and spatial reallocation. And you thought COVID-19 logistics were impossible! Franchisees must navigate the complexities of intergalactic business regulations and the headache of scheduling reservations from customers across time and space. Are your franchise fees due before or after opening? It’s a venture where your grand opening and closing party can paradoxically happen at the same time.

Buy n Large: Consuming the Consumerism

Franchising Buy n Large would be an ambitious endeavor, as it’s a corporation that owns practically everything. The environmental implications alone could be staggering, considering their track record with planet Earth. Yet, the convenience of having every possible product under one (massive) roof could be appealing to the ultra-consumer. Gen-Z eat your heart out, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs, including those you never knew you had.

Krusty Burger: The Clown Prince of Fast Food

Krusty Burger, helmed by the ever-entertaining yet questionably ethical clown Krusty, stands as a bastion of fast-food amusement and mystery meats. Its menu, an eclectic array of items, promises taste and surprises in equal measure. The chain thrives on its charismatic, if not slightly unnerving, mascot whose face adorns every meal box and promotional material, promising a dining experience filled with laughter and a side of existential dread. The intrigue surrounding Krusty Burger’s recipes, particularly what exactly goes into their burgers, adds an element of culinary adventure. Customers flock to Krusty Burger not just for the food but for the spectacle, making it a cornerstone of fast-food culture where the ordinary expectation of a meal is turned on its head, leaving patrons wondering, “What did I just eat?” and “When can I eat it again?”

Krusty Krab: Under the Sea, a Culinary Mystery

Krusty Krab, on the other fin, offers a dive into the oceanic origins of fast food. Home of the coveted Krabby Patty, its secret formula is a closely guarded treasure, sparking intrigue and admiration across the seven seas. The establishment, under the penny-pinching claws of Mr. Krabs, prides itself on the Krabby Patty, a burger so iconic that its recipe is a plot point in numerous tales and adventures. Unlike its terrestrial counterpart, Krusty Krab focuses on a singular, legendary item, making it a pilgrimage site for foodies and adventure seekers alike. The charisma of the Krusty Krab lies in its simplicity and the mystique of its underwater dining experience, complete with nautical décor and a staff comprising a cheerful sponge and a sardonic squid. It’s a place where the allure of discovery lies not just in the depths of the ocean but in the very bite of its renowned Krabby Patty, making every meal an exploration of taste and treasure.

Los Pollos Hermanos: A Recipe for ‘Due Diligence’

Franchising Los Pollos Hermanos would require an extra helping of ‘due diligence,’ ensuring that franchisees are in the chicken business and not, well, anything else. Ask yourself: how good is your franchisee attorney? The dual-purpose nature of the original operation could present unique challenges, not least of which would be explaining away the occasional DEA raid to concerned customers.

Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand: Never Underestimate Simplicity

There’s always money in the banana stand, or so the saying goes. That’s not an Item 19 FPR, right!? Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand might seem like the easiest franchise to replicate, given its single-item menu. Yet, the potential pitfalls are as numerous as the Bluth family’s misadventures. It’s a testament to the idea that sometimes, the simplest concepts are the hardest to execute without setting something on fire (literally).

Pizza Planet: Delivering the Galactic Experience

Finally, Pizza Planet offers a slice of the intergalactic, themed dining experience. Maintaining an immersive atmosphere across franchises could be challenging, especially when each location might be visited by actual aliens (costumed or otherwise). It’s a logistical nightmare made in heaven for those who dream of delivering a pizza that’s truly out of this world.

In the grand scheme of things, franchising these fictional businesses would require navigating a labyrinth of legal, ethical, and logistical challenges. Yet, the allure of bringing a piece of fiction into our reality is too tantalizing to ignore. After all, in a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, who wouldn’t want to grab a Krabby Patty, a scoop of magically infused ice cream, or dine at the end of the universe? It’s a franchise attorney’s dream… or perhaps, their most amusing nightmare.