What is a Customs Broker?

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What is a Customs Broker?

Customs brokers are trade specialists who help facilitate goods being exported and imported into the US. In the US, the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) regulate the licensing and operation of customs brokers. Customs brokers are required to have passed a rigorous examination given by the CBP and an extensive background check before licensure. These regulations help ensure the security of imports and exports to the United States and the professionalism of customs brokers in the US.

When an importer brings goods in the US, they are required to file documentation regarding the origin, cost, and classification of the goods. Customs brokers are specialists in handling this documentation and classification. Should the importer have an issue with filing the documentation or the goods, only the importer or their authorized customs broker are allowed to file and interact with CBP on their behalf. Almost all commercial goods entered into the US, billions of dollars worth every year, are facilitated with the help of a customs broker.

The customs broker is typically responsible for helping the importer acquire and file the necessary documentation for imports. While serving as the main point of contact with CBP, a customs broker can obtain required bonds, deposit import duties, secure the release of goods, and arrange delivery as needed out of the import port. Customs brokers have become an integral part of international commerce and trade by helping facilitate entry of goods in the US.

Since 2016, Reidel Law Firm has a licensed customs broker and attorney to help our clients ensure they are compliant with all import and export regulations. For more information about how our customs broker or firm can help you grow your business, call us today at (832)510-3292 or use the email button below.

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